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Dental Xrays play a vital role in the diagnosis of a range of dental problems such as finding hidden dental structures, cavities and bone loss that would be impossible to identify during a visual dental examination. Thanks to the advancements in science and technology, digital radiography has made the process of taking dental Xrays much faster and safer. With digital radiography, our dentists are able to provide excellent diagnosis to your dental problems in a really short time. 

Digital radiography: A safe, speedy and sophisticated dental Xray process

A welcoming alternative to conventional dental Xrays, digital radiography employs digital Xray sensors instead of photographic films. In this process, a digital image capturing device is used to snap the images of your teeth by inserting a sensor into your mouth. Although this process is very much similar to the traditional method, the sensor used in digital radiography is electronic and will be connected to a computer. So as soon as the dental Xray is taken, the image will be projected on the computer screen, available for immediate examination. Digital radiography can be used to take both intraoral as well as extra-oral xrays. 

Advantages of digital dental Xrays

Minimised radiation exposure: This is the most striking benefit of digital radiography. Since digital Xrays reduces up to 90 percent of the radiation when compared to the traditional dental Xray process, digital radiography is considered as a much safer option for patients. 

Superior quality images: Unlike the conventional Xray method, digital radiography offers the superb possibility to magnify and enlarge the images, delivering outstanding visuals of your teeth structures. This enables dentists to easily spot even tiny tooth cavities, extra tooth growth and so on.

Speedy results and care: As digital Xrays don't require any chemical processing and film development, the results are available immediately for the dentists to view. For patients, this means speedy care and relief from your dental problems. 

Environment-friendly: Last but not the least, digital radiography is not only friendly to your health, but also to the environment. The elimination of chemicals and films, and low radiation makes digital dental Xrays an environment-friendly option.

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