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Design Smile at Neo Dental

Thanks to the revolutionary dental technology you can now see how our professionals can improve the colour and alignment of your teeth. By using your own photo, during the first consultation you can see the difference that the smile transformation will make. You will not only get the most advanced dental service, but also a complete smile makeover plan taking into consideration your facial features. 

A Smile that Suits You

At Neo Dental we can create a customised smile to suit your age, facial features, shape of your jaw and your personality. Every person is different, so their teeth should be individual, specifically made to suit the dental needs of each patient. 

Our cosmetic and restorative dentists are both understanding and professional. They have extensive knowledge about the different dental technologies and can advise you on how the specific dental treatment would improve your appearance.

Advanced Technology for Perfect Teeth

Using the information from the initial consultation, our restorative dentist will recommend the solution to correct the problem of your teeth. X-Rays would be taken using cutting edge technology to find the areas of improvement. Finally, once the recommendations for intervention have been made, the dentist would create an image of the desired smile. Patients can choose whether they would like to have teeth straightening intervention, using the latest Invisalign clear braces, or would opt for other methods, such as dental crowns, veneers or implants.

The fully qualified orthodontics, dentists and oral hygienists will work together with you to make sure that you get the best results from the treatment. They will answer any questions related to the dental treatment options, costs, and results during the consultation. You no longer have to settle with a standard smile: you can create your own.

Contact Neo Dental today and find out more about the advanced dental treatments and smile design. 

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