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Dentures at NEO Dental

Everyone loves to have a good laugh. We like to have fun with our family and friends as well as occasionally give a smile to a stranger. A hearty smile goes a long way in relationships with our loved ones, and a confident smile can make a good impressions in our professional lives. 

However, as we grow older, we tend to have problem with our teeth. Sweets, acidic food, malnutrition and even genetic disorders cause dental problems like cavities, tooth decay, plague; all of which affect the look of our teeth. But thanks to the developments in the dentistry, these problems are not permanent. 

What is a denture?

Dentures are removable replacements of original teeth. They are usually made of either acrylic plastic or metal, and look like natural teeth. The most important benefits of dentures, of course, are that it can help to prevent various dental problems and improve general appearance of your smile. 

Why should you wear dentures?

Dental problems are more likely to affect mature adults. A recent research has demonstrated that 20.5% of people aged 65 and older have lost all of their teeth due to the dental problems, and they have difficulty performing essential tasks of life like eating and speaking. Today cosmetic dentistry can offer you advanced dental treatments and prevent your smile from a number of oral health problems. In addition, with the proper application from specialists, dentures will make eating and speaking easier, improve the way you smile, support the muscles in your face which will make you younger.

Before and after the procedure 

Whether you have lost one tooth or more, you can find a denture application suitable for the teeth replacement. Full dentures fit tightly on your gums, replacing all your teeth. Partial application is also possible, if you only need one or a few teeth replaced. These individual teeth fastens to the natural teeth with proper implementation. After, your teeth will be taken out and will be replaced with dentures in a time your dentist sees fit. Your dentist will guide you through eating and speaking with your new dentures, how you will wear and take care of them.

Many studies have shown that patients enjoy a higher quality of life, greater self-esteem and confidence. In addition they tend to eat better nutrition with denture applications. Dentures placed at Neo Dental can improve the quality of your everyday life and boost your confidence to a much greater extent. 

Contact us today and start laughing with confidence every day.

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