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Bite rehabilitation

Bite rehabilitation is the solution you've been searching for if you suffer from jaw problems that cause adverse effects such as the inability to eat comfortably, migraines, clicking jaw, neck or shoulder aches or tension headaches. Our dental team can correct most conditions, allowing you to forget about your bite problems and simply smile with confidence. 

Feel confident when you smile

Modern dentistry has the answer to jaw and facial pain in the form of new bite rehabilitation techniques that use state of the art equipment to map your teeth and jaw. Your dentist will prepare the best course of treatment and computer enhanced visuals that are used to create a picture of your jaw and the position of your teeth. After your initial diagnosis, which might include manual rotation of your head and neck and movement of the muscles in the head, neck, face and jaw, your dentist will plot the best bite position for you. Bite rehabilitation can be achieved by using custom made appliances to enable your joints to function properly. Some are worn at all times, while others can be removed during the day or night. These appliances look similar to dentures and might be twin blocks or a stabilisation splint. They will be made so that when you wear them your jaw is slowly forced into the correct position over a period of time.

What type of conditions might require bite rehabilitation?

Failing occlusion or an imbalance in the way that you close your teeth together to bite can have various distressing results such as teeth that are always chipping or breaking, fillings that need to be replaced, neck or shoulder pain and headaches. If you frequently have jaw pain or clicking of the joints in the jaw it can be worrying. Bite malfunction can prevent you from closing your teeth together correctly and your facial muscles and jaw will be subjected to undue stress. Other people are unable to close their jaw properly because it has become displaced as the result of an accident or incident, and this condition can also be treated. Bite rehabilitation can fix these problems permanently in a much easier way than you imagine.

Once your jaw is aligned properly, any further bite rehabilitation work on your teeth can be completed, allowing you to have the painless comfortable bite you've always yearned for. Contact our dental practice today and find out more about the bite rehabilitation options most suitable for you. 

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