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Air Abrasion at Neo Dental

Air abrasion is a completely safe dental technique used to remove tooth decay without the use of a drill. This dentistry technique incorporates the use of a tool resembling a mini sandblaster and is utilised to spray away any decay which may be surrounding a tooth or several teeth. Air abrasion has been a popular method of dentistry for many years and can also be used to remove tooth discolorations and prepare a tooth surface for sealants or bonding.

The techniques used in air abrasion

Particles made up of aluminium oxide and silica will be most commonly used by a dentist during the process of air abrasion, however baking soda mixtures are sometimes used too. The process involves propelling these particles at high speed towards the tooth using compressed gas. The dentist will then remove the tiny particles of decay as they become loose enough. This occurs via method of suction through another tube.

What are the advantages of air abrasion?

Your dentist will be able to give you more details but one of the most obvious benefits of air abrasion is that there will be no vibrations or pressures within the mouth. Your dentist will be less likely to use anaesthesia, especially with low cavities and air abrasion means your dentist can focus on more than one area at a time within a single visit.

There are countless other benefits to this quick and simple procedure and your dentist will be able to give you more information to sink your teeth into.

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