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Advanced Dentistry & Cerec 3D

Vanguard innovations in Cosmetic Dentistry

Let us be honest, very few individuals have the perfect teeth that are free of decay or fillings. Conduct a spot check in your mouth and you will probably realize that there is a filling or two that have been left as a result of decayed or damaged tooth. A number of dental fillings are made of metal components that can weaken the tooth, go bad or get additional decay around or under the tooth. 

Research reveals that approximately 1.2 billion of the metal fillings will be replaced in a period of 10 years after the medical intervention. This is the reason why Cerec 3D was established since it provides a permanent solution for not only replacing dental fillings but also for restoring decayed, broken or weakened teeth to its natural beauty and strength. 

Solutions offered by Cerec 3D in cosmetic dentistry 

Cerec dental system is trusted by dentists and patients at large and has been used worldwide since 1987. Instead of the metal fillings, the cerec system uses all-ceramic materials that are identical to the tooth colouration. Cerec improves dentistry precision as the methods used is advanced; optical impression is one of the clear-cut advantage that comes with the cerec procedure. 

Contrary to the mainstream method that requires patients to bite the impression goop till it hardens, use of cerec technology only requires the dentist to coat the tooth with a non-toxic powder. A miniature camera is then used to take a digital picture of the tooth. Cerec 3D software then converts the digital picture into a 3-dimensional model that can be viewed on a computer screen. The cerec 3D program, together with the dentist's expertise is used to design the restoration. This is then send to milling machine that will cut out ceramic model for your restoration. We can offer you a wide variety of dental treatments that requires just one visit including dental fillings, implants, crowns and veneers.

It is a delight for our patients to have restorations that are aesthetic, perfect, functional, fast and above all, permanent. If you would like to find out more contact our practice today.

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